Jesse Duplantis

Also in the Mall

Living at the Top

Jesse Duplantis shares how to live better than on the top of the barrel. Using God's principle, achieve top-level living. Learn to find the richer, fuller, more rewarding life that God has for you.

For by It...Faith

Learn what faith in Jesus Christ will do. Jesse shares how putting God first and faith in Him a regular part of everyday life leads to success. Learn to receive the future God has for you.

Understanding Salvation

Discover why God sent His Son, why salvation is necessary, and what you can do to begin living a new and better life in Christ Jesus. Learn how Christ's sacrifice created a way for redemption. Understand why people need God to become fulfilled. Learn what it means to be "born again". Learn how to receive salvation and be sure of it. Learn to "live by choice" and not by chance.

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