T. D. Jakes

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Daddy Loves His Girls

In Daddy Loves His Girls: Discover a love your heavenly Father offers that an earthly father can't Bishop T. D. Jakes encourages women to build a relationship with their Heavenly Father Who loves them, wants to protect and comfort them.

Help! I'm Raising My Children Alone

In Help! I'm Raising My Children Alone is a guide for single parents who sometimes feel they are alone. Bishop T. D. Jakes seeks to promote a healthy self image, as well as healing and encouragement for single parents.

Strength to Stand

Strength to Stand: Overcoming, Succeeding, Thriving, Advancing, Winning Bishop T. D. Jakes addresses maintaining inner peace and living victoriously in the midst of economic troubles, family struggles, political upheavals, and natural disasters.

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