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The Approval Fix

In The Approval Fix Joyce Meyer provides insights to help readers overcome dependence on the approval of others in order to feel good about themselves. Readers will learn to value their worth based on God's unconditional love and avoid the addiction of needing approval.

You Can Begin Again

In You Can Begin Again Joyce Meyer uses examples from the Bible to reveal God's delight in turning tragic endings into new beginnings. Such examples include the stories of Sarah, Ruth and David. Joyce encourages readers to not give up on God in the face of disappointment, hurt, failure, a struggling relationship or and unsure future. Instead, believe God for a new beginning.

The Confident Mom

Joyce Meyer addresses the insecurity and uncertainty women often experience as they perform their duties and responsibilities as Mothers. Such duties and responsibilities may include chef, chauffeur, coach, cheerleader and confidant. Mothers who have felt the pangs of self disappointment, feelings of not measuring up, or wished for a manual on being a mom, The Confident Mom is for you!

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